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East Kentucky Power Cooperative system now integrated into PJM Interconnection regional grid

WINCHESTER, Ky. — On the morning ofJune 1 at midnight, East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) completed integration of its system into the PJM Interconnection.

PJM now monitors and manages EKPC’s transmission system, ensuring reliability by coordinating the movement of electricity so enough power is generated and delivered where it is needed. PJM also administers a wholesale power market for the region.

“Our organizations have put a lot of hard work into this integration, and I am proud of everyone for their extensive efforts,” said EKPC’s CEO Anthony “Tony” Campbell. “This move will help EKPC to operate more efficiently and economically, creating important benefits for our 16 owner-member cooperatives, and the 520,000 homes and businesses they serve.”

The benefits of integrating into PJM include increased access to competitively priced power; access to a much larger reserve power pool thereby reducing the amount of EKPC’s own capacity held in reserve; improved reliability during peak periods and other long-term economic benefits resulting from EKPC’s peak load diversity with PJM’s.

“We’re excited to have EKPC be a part of PJM,” said Terry Boston, PJM president/CEO. “The diversity of demand between EKPC and other PJM members and the resources they bring will strengthen reliability and have economic benefits not only for EKPC but throughout the region we serve. It’s been a pleasure for all of us at PJM to work with the folks at EKPC throughout this process.”

Saturday morning’s integration into PJM took place as planned, said Don Mosier, EKPC’s chief operating officer.

“The transition went as expected,” Mosier said. “The homes and businesses served by EKPC’s owner-member co-ops experienced no changes whatsoever in their service. And, behind the scenes, we now have improved reliability and power availability.”

PJM coordinates and directs the operation of a regional transmission grid, administers a wholesale electricity market and plans regional transmission expansion improvements for an area that includes 60 million people in all or portions of 13 states and the District of Columbia. Based in Valley Forge, Pa., PJM dispatches 185,000 megawatts of generating capacity, and its generators produce more electricity than Canada and Mexico combined.

EKPC’s integration into PJM was the result of careful consideration over nearly two years. Prior to approval of the move by EKPC’s Board, two consultants—Charles River Associates and ACES Power Marketing—performed in-depth analyses and recommended integration.