9 Kentucky micro-distilleries featured in latest guide to North America facilities

Visitors to Limestone Branch in Lebanon, Ky., can get a close-up view of whiskey distilling in action.
Visitors to Limestone Branch in Lebanon, Ky., can get a close-up view of whiskey distilling in action.

The new third edition of the “Micro-Distilleries in the U.S. and Canada” guide features nine Kentucky micro-distilleries.

  • Barrel House Distilling Co., Lexington
  • Corsair Artisan Distillery, Bowling Green
  • E.H. Taylor, Jr. Old Fashioned Copper Distillery, Frankfort
  • Limestone Branch Distillery, Lebanon
  • MB Roland Distillery, Pembroke
  • Old Pogue Distillery, Maysville
  • Silver Trail Distillery, Hardin
  • Whiskey Thief Distilling Company, Graefenburg
  • Willett Distillery, Bardstown

“It’s an exciting time to be in the micro-distilling industry because it’s exploding. That has made working on the book so much more exciting. My favorite part of writing this book was talking to the owners of the micro-distilleries and learning about their passion for their products. They put quality above quantity to make the best spirits possible. Their passion for their products combined with my passion for writing went hand in hand,” said David Reimer, who compiles and writes the guide.

Published by Crave Press, the book is available in print and will be available as a full color e-book. It bills itself as the definitive guide to micro-distilleries, perfect for fine spirits connoisseurs or novices pouring into the spirit world and for anyone who wants to find great spirits while traveling.  It’s also a great resource for anyone who wants to start their own micro-distillery.

MicroLiquor.com calls this first guide to North American micro-distilleries a “must read,” DrinkUpNY.com calls it, “an excellent guide to the interesting world of craft spirits,” and Drink Me Magazine calls it, “the most comprehensive book cataloging the hundreds of craft distilleries.” Also, SpiritReview.com’s Chris Carlsson describes the book as, “Well written, a great read, and a massive amount of interesting details on every distillery. No where will you find a more comprehensive yet accessible reference on this subject in one well laid out book.”

This updated edition includes information on more than 450 micro-distilleries from all 50 states and across Canada, hundreds of photos of bottles and labels, and information such as:

• Locations and hours, and tours and tasting times

• Websites and social media

• Spirit descriptions, prices, and distribution

• Interesting facts and historical anecdotes

The book includes a listing of spirit festivals, events, and museums; a listing of distilling associations and guilds; an index by spirit type; and additional spirit information and resources. It is available on Reimer’s website, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble’s website.

Reimer has participated in many book signings and distillery events since the release of the first edition of the book, and he plans to continue these events with the release of the third edition. For example, he has been a featured author at the 10th anniversary of Tales of the Cocktail, a celebrity author at Spirit Journal’s Ultimate Blast, and a NYC Indy Spirits Expo participant.

In addition to writing this book and working on other book projects, Reimer is an accomplished journalist and photographer. His articles and photos have appeared in his local newspapers, in professional and consumer publications, and in textbooks.

For more information about Reimer and his book, visit www(dot)microdistillerybooks(dot)com or email me at cjsteffy(at)microdistillerybooks(dot)com.

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