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Bowling Green implements trial version of video driver risk management system

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (June 17, 2013) — The city of Bowling Green has entered into a no-cost trial agreement with DriveCam Inc. to study the feasibility of deploying a driver risk management program. This program is intended to improve driver safety and prevent collisions and injuries, which helps protect the city’s drivers as well as citizens while delivering a measurable cost savings.

This trial will involve 15 city vehicles in the Public Works, Police and Risk Management Departments. The trial will begin in early June and will last 120 days. At the conclusion of the trial, Bowling Green leaders will evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

DriveCam’s program consists of an exception-based video event recorder — a sensor placed on a vehicle’s windshield. This sensor is continuously recording, but not saving data unless triggered by an unusual driving event such as hard breaking, swerving, speeding or a collision. When triggered, the sensor captures 12 seconds of video inside and outside the vehicle (eight seconds before and four seconds after the event) as well as inside audio. On average, less than two minutes of video per driver, per month is recorded.

Video is then uploaded to DriveCam’s review center where trained professionals analyze the event for Bowling Green management to use in coaching drivers and improving driver safety.

This no-cost study will allow Bowling Green an opportunity to evaluate current safety practices across the city and to explore ways to provide a greater protection to both employees and those in the community. DriveCam is installed in approximately 200,000 vehicles nation-wide and has resulted in improved driver safety and significant cost savings of up to 80 percent reduction in costs associated with vehicle damages, workers compensation and personal injury, according to the company.


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