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GLI annual Development Education trip heading to Houston in September

Louisville, Ky. (July 11, 2013) – Greater Louisville Inc. – the Metro Chamber of Commerce, has announced that the destination for its 2013 GLIDE (Greater Louisville Idea Development Expedition) trip is Houston. The annual GLI trip is a two-day excursion designed to introduce participants to cities throughout the world in order to better understand how they have overcome obstacles and achieved goals.  Destination cities for the GLIDE program are strategically selected to represent some of the issues and opportunities that the Greater Louisville region is experiencing.

“Houston and Louisville may differ in scale, but there are some surprising similarities,” said GLIDE 2013 Chairwoman Sandra Frazier. “Both cities enjoy strengths in logistics and distribution, a thriving healthcare sector, a welcoming attitude, amazing arts and cultural attractions and a terrific restaurant scene. Taking the time to learn how Houston is putting it all together will be a valuable exercise for this year’s GLIDE team and will provide fresh insight and information for Louisville as we embark on our own future planning.”

The GLIDE trip to Houston is scheduled for Sept. 15-17 and includes a stop at the renowned Texas Medical Center, which employs more than 95,000 workers in 45 different institutions serving 6 million patients each year and representing 2 percent of Houston’s overall economy.  GLIDE participants will also see how Houston has grown to become the 10th largest port in the world and the 2nd largest in the United States as well as visit the Center for Houston’s Future, a think tank developed to help the region define problems and develop solutions.  Houston was recently ranked as the top city for manufacturing job growth and Louisville was ranked second by Forbes.

Past destinations for GLIDE include Jacksonville FL, Denver CO, and Toronto, ON.  Last year’s trip to Oklahoma City gave participants the opportunity to see the benefits of a local option sales tax which the city has used to revitalize its downtown.

Information and registration for the GLIDE trip is now open and available at www.greaterlouisville.com/events.

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