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Ramsey says UofL on path to greatness in State of University address

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The president of the University of Louisville says the university’s upward trajectory will continue if the institution is willing to follow a path to greatness.

During his 10th annual State of the University address, president James Ramsey applauded faculty, staff and students for their work on the University of the 21st Century Initiative, a program that aims to restructure key parts of the university and prioritize resources to position the institution for the future.

“We have a road map,” Ramsey said.  “We know what needs to be done. It is a path that we know will be tough …(But) it will mean bigger and better research portfolios similar to those of our future peers in the ACC. This path will mean even stronger academic programs. This path provides us hope for the resources we need to continue.”

Ramsey said the university community has worked hard to become more efficient—implementing $114 million in cost savings—and the University of the 21st Century process will take an even more aggressive look at efficiencies and processes university-wide. Ramsey said the effort will result in UofL moving “beyond good to great” by creating globally engaged students, fostering a culture of excellence, focusing investments and resources on high value academic and research activities and improving business models.


“We can be successful in the future because we have a track record of success,” he said.


Ramsey said UofL has been a cornerstone for innovation and growth, referring to a recent economic impact study that shows UofL’s overall impact on the Kentucky economy is $1.7 billion, generating $132.9 million in state and local taxes in 2013.


The university is also a leader in the community, according to Ramsey, who mentioned diversity plans, minority hiring and collaborations with Jefferson County Public Schools, Simmons College and UPS as examples.


“If we do not lead, who will?” Ramsey said.  “For we are the institution that thrives on firsts.”