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Local farm investors company closes on a Mercer County property

By Mark Green

American Farm Investors, founded and operated in Lexington, closed on its fourth property on Oct. 1, an 83-acre grain operation near Harrodsburg, Ky., in Mercer County.

The farm will produce corn, wheat and soybeans, producing annual income of 3-6 percent for the 10 syndicated investors in the property. The corn and wheat have already been contracted for sale to a well-known Kentucky Bourbon distillery.

American Farm Investors has closed on several million dollars worth of property in the Central Kentucky region, utilizing Kentucky farmers and selling grain to Kentucky end-users.   AFI investors are located all over the country, but most are local investors who can visit their property, and enjoy the investment from planting until profitable harvest.

Since 2011, American Farm Investors has been providing syndicated investment into profitable farms across Central Kentucky. Syndicated investment has been commonplace in the horse industry for decades and allows multiple owners to pool their funds to enjoy an expensive investment together. AFI’s investors use farmland as a tool to diversify their portfolios into an inflation-protected “real” asset. Many of clients invest in properties within their 401k and IRA’s.