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Space Tango accelerator accepting business proposals

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 7, 2013) — Space Tango today announced that it is now formally accepting proposals for funding and acceptance to its space business accelerator.

Space Tango is the nation’s first business accelerator specifically for space enterprises and entrepreneurs, with a goal of assisting enterprises in developing innovations, novel applications and diverse markets.

“The global space marketplace is now poised for significant growth and opportunity,” said Kris Kimel, founder of Space Tango. “Unprecedented access to space coupled with the rapid advancement of micro technologies and other innovations are combining to create a dynamic space industry.”

Opportunities (including adjacent applications) lie in developing entrepreneurial ideas, companies and products that enable the further exploitation of space. Possibilities involve small high-value satellites and space platforms, the International Space Station (ISS) and opportunities in biotechnology, exomedicine, novel materials, energy, education and game design and development, as well as areas and applications not yet imagined.

In the initial round, Space Tango will accept up to six companies from across the United States and globally. Each enterprise will receive funding of up to $20,000 and will participate in an intensive twelve-week onsite program that will provide a complete constellation of services, advisors and networks necessary to successfully start and grow an entrepreneurial space-driven business.