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M&M Cartage announces green transportation initiative, plans to create 45 new jobs

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Oct. 31, 2013) — M&M Cartage has announced a new initiative to become a national leader in green transportation. The Kentucky-based company plans to invest $7.5 million in building materials and capital equipment, allowing for the construction of a new headquarters with green efficiencies to go along with the addition of new trucks powered by compressed natural gas. To accomplish the goal, the Commonwealth of Kentucky awarded M&M Cartage $800,000 in economic incentives to spur this investment which will lead to 45 new jobs.

MMCartage“Not only will this center M&M Cartage as the greenest trucking company in the region, but it allows us to meet the growing demands from businesses and their consumers committed to shipping green,” said M&M CEO Don Hayden. “We are grateful for the chance to partner with our home state to create jobs and move in this environmentally friendly direction.”

National transportation leaders are taking note of M&M’s investment and growth.

“M&M is on the leading edge of a revolution in how we as an industry power our vehicles,” said Bill Graves, American Trucking Association President and CEO. “The incentives Kentucky has offered should be looked at by other states to promote more sustainable transportation.”

The economic incentives allow the family-run business to add 45 new Kentucky-based jobs by the end of 2015. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and Kentucky Energy and Environment Secretary Len Peters, who spoke at a press conference announcing the initiative, lauded the company’s moves.

“This announcement of new jobs and cleaner-running vehicles falls right in the sweet spot of our two goals of building a stronger economy and a greener, more sustainable city,” Fischer said. “I applaud this progressive thinking and hope it inspires other businesses and individuals to follow suit.”

“The efforts of M&M Cartage demonstrate the significant economic benefits a company can achieve when its growth and expansion plans are based on helping create a healthier community,” said Craig Richard, Greater Louisville Inc. president and CEO. “We are thrilled to have M&M Cartage as a part of our growing logistics and distribution sector.

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a clean burning fuel that is better for the environment than diesel. For a company like M&M, it is a domestically produced, stable fuel that helps move America toward energy independence.

“Today, with the nation’s abundant supply of inexpensive natural gas, CNG and large-vehicle fleets are a logical fit. M&M Cartage fully appreciates the economic, energy security and environmental benefits of fleet conversion to CNG, and I commend them for their leadership in this initiative,” Peters said.

Melissa Howell, executive director of the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition, a non-profit and national leader in the clean fuels market, spoke at the event.

“The efficient and economical movement of freight across this country has become more refined than ever in history,” Howell said. “M&M Cartage recognizes this and is taking a proactive approach here in Kentucky with the adoption of Compressed Natural Gas.”

M&M is a family-run business based in Louisville. It provides transportation for many companies in the Louisville area and nationwide, with some trucks in Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Morristown, Tenn. The Hayden family started the business in 1972.