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Kentucky Wins! receives two major statewide endorsements

KCJEA, KACo endorse expanded gaming coalition

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Nov. 6, 2013) — Kentucky Wins!, a statewide coalition focused on bringing job creation and economic growth to Kentucky, recently received the endorsement of two statewide groups: The Kentucky County Judge/Executive Association (KCJEA), and the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo).

KYWINS-GreenKentucky Wins! is a grassroots effort focused on allowing the public to vote on expanded gaming. The growing movement is comprised of citizens and small business owners who are tired of the billions of dollars traveling to neighboring states while Kentucky struggles to fund education, healthcare, and infrastructure needs.

KCJEA unanimously voted to support Kentucky Wins! at its quarterly meeting. The organization is a collective voice of the commonwealth’s chief executives in its 120 counties.

“With the revenue shortfall facing the commonwealth, our judges feel the time has come for the General Assembly to allow our citizens an opportunity to vote on expanded gaming,” said Vince Lang, KCJEA executive director. “Kentuckians have crossed state borders to gamble for years, allowing Kentucky money to fund infrastructure projects in other states. The increased revenue which would flow into the State Treasury from expanded gaming would provide the needed investment dollars to support education, the horse industry, retirement obligations and local government projects.”

KACo strives to serve all 120 counties in Kentucky by advocating legislative solutions and providing services that promote county government.

“KACo supports the efforts of Kentucky Wins! to secure a ballot initiative allowing the expanded gaming question to be asked and answered by the voters of Kentucky. We have historically supported similar measures in past years to responsibly implement such an initiative,” said Denny Nunnelley, executive director/CEO of KACo. “We applaud the effort to increase needed revenues in our state so that basic public service levels can be maintained by those tasked with providing them to our constituents.”

A recent study estimates that within the first three years of passing, expanded gaming will bring billions of dollars in revenue to Kentucky and 10,000 new jobs.

Kentucky Wins! Co-Chairs Jonathan Blue, Ed Glasscock, and Terry McBrayer.

Visit www.kywins.com for more information, a complete list of board members and membership information.