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Louisville mayor says city is ready for snow and ice

265-member team ready for brining, snow and ice removal

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Nov. 12, 2013) – Surrounded by members of the city’s Snow Team, plows, brine vehicles and other snow-fighting equipment, Mayor Greg Fischer today declared Louisville ready for winter weather.

snow“Our experienced multi-agency Snow Team is ready to keep traffic moving and the city running during winter weather so people can get to their jobs and students can get to school,” Fischer said.

The city’s snow and ice-fighting team includes Louisville Metro Public Works, Solid Waste Management, Metro Parks and employees from the vacant lots unit of Codes & Regulations, with a total of 265 employees.

There are 160 pieces of equipment in the snow-fighting fleet, ready to treat and clear more than 2,700 two-lane miles of roads throughout Louisville’s 386 square miles.

Fischer said brining has become an important preventive step in keeping roads free of ice and snow and the city now has two advanced brine makers capable of producing up to 10,000 gallons of brine solution in an hour. Brine is a saltwater solution used to pretreat Louisville roads before snow falls. It helps prevent snow and ice from adhering to the pavement and reduces slick spots.

Additional highlights of the 2013-2014 snow plan include:
♦  Snow status map that allows citizens to track snow crews’ progress in their area online. Residents can enter an address to see whether a road has been salted or plowed before heading out. Visit www.louisvilleky.gov/publicworks to find the map.

 Social Media, Citizens can follow the snow team’s progress on social media during snow events. Sign up on Twitter @LouSnowPlow or by “liking” the Metro Public Works page on Facebook. You can also visit www.louisvilleky.gov and click on the Social Media Center on the homepage. There you can sign up for the snow update Twitter feed or other pages and feeds from Louisville Metro Government.

♦ An overnight shift for Public Works, allowing an immediate response to snow, instead of calling out crews from their homes. When winter weather isn’t a threat, crews will repair potholes and road cracks that cause potholes when traffic flow is low. The shift also helps reduce overtime.

♦ 35,500 tons of salt available for treating roads. 13,500 tons are on-hand at salt domes and storage facilities. 22,000 tons are stored underground for emergency reserve.

Fischer also introduced the Snow Team’s new communications lead, Harold Adams, who will work with the media and with citizens to keep them informed.

The city is responsible for clearing about 1,400 of the 3,000 miles of roadway in the county. The total two-lane miles covered by crews on designated snow routes equals 2,719.

City snow routes are major roads, school and TARC bus routes, arteries to local employers and hospital and emergency routes. The state and private contractors clear about 600 miles and the remaining 1,000 miles are neighborhood streets that are not cleared, except during a declared snow emergency.

As a part of an ongoing agreement with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, city crews will treat and clear most state roads and highways—about 400 miles of roads — in Louisville. The state will continue to clear all interstates and ramps.

For more information about the snow plan call MetroCall at 311 or log onto www.LouisvilleKy.gov and use the search word “snow.”