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Exomedicine Instistute Launches Zero-Gravity Research

By Lane Report Staff

The Exomedicine Institute has formed international exomedicine research groups to establish medical research and commercialization targets in 10 initial disease and health areas, including infectious diseases, Alzheimer’s, oncology, neurology, aging, stem cells, diabetes, immunology/autoimmune disorders, regenerative medicine and cardiology.

The Lexington-based institute is a newly formed enterprise to pursue work in the emerging field of exomedicine, which is the study and exploration of medical solutions in the zero gravity environment of space to promote benefits to human health on Earth.

“By acquiring a deeper understanding of the influences of microgravity on the dynamics of living systems and disease processes we may be able to help solve some of today’s most important and vexing medical challenges,” said Kris Kimel, chair of the Institute.

Each group will be comprised of three experts who will spend four to six months developing a strategic white paper detailing areas of high promise, potential impact and commercialization in each respective field. The purpose is to target research investigations to be conducted on the U.S. National Lab aboard the International Space Station that have the highest potential to show promising results in therapies and medical treatments on Earth. The groups’ first papers are expected in the summer of 2012.