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NKU Chase College of launches regional placement program

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky.(May 1, 2014) — The NKU Chase College of Law has announced the launch of its Regional Placement Program. The program will identify students who have a connection to, or an interest in, practicing in small cities and rural communities in the region and offer them individualized career counseling and personalized networking support.

FLBB_NKU-Logo“At Chase we are committed to facilitating meaningful connections between our students and the small cities and rural communities throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky and our greater region,” said Dean Jeffrey Standen. “Chase has a long history of coordinating outreach efforts to help forge and enhance these relationships. Our Regional Placement Program enhances our commitment to helping our students, alumni, practitioners, and other members of these communities connect and interact.”

One of the goals of the NKU program is to identify potential attorney mentors to help students learn about the benefits and challenges of serving small-town and rural clients. The program will also encourage students to take advantage of networking opportunities, business plan development, and law management practice resources.