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Louisville launches website to track progress toward community health goals

Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer
Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – (October 7, 2014) Mayor Greg Fischer and Public Health Director Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt today unveiled HealthyLouisvilleMetro.org, an on-line tool to track community goals for improving Louisville residents’ health over the next six years.

In February the city published Healthy Louisville 2020, a comprehensive strategic plan to significantly improve the city’s health. The 59-page document contains data on key health indicators such as local rates of cancer mortality, chronic disease, tobacco use, low birth weight babies and obesity. It lays out specific goals to improve health in Louisville by the year 2020. HealthyLouisvilleMetro.org tracks progress toward achieving those goals.

“One of our key goals is to make Louisville a much healthier city,” Fischer said. “Healthy Louisville 2020 lays out a shared community vision of how we can work together to improve our health in many areas. This new website, HealthyLouisvilleMetro.org, is can be a valuable tool for in meeting the health challenges we face because it allows everyone to see and to contribute to our progress in achieving the goals of Healthy Louisville 2020.”

The website brings data, local resources and a wealth of other information to one, accessible, user-friendly location. It also posts best practices, news articles and information about community events. It gives Louisville residents and policy makers up-to-date information to track progress toward building a healthier Louisville.

“Certainly healthcare systems, health coalitions, nonprofit organizations, and planners can use the site to contribute to building a healthier Louisville,” said Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt. “The site will also prove useful for those seeking to get involved in health initiatives but don’t know where to begin. The easy to use red/yellow/green system for indicator tracking can help the population health novice easily identify areas of opportunity in our community where we need more help in moving the needle.”

The website is operated as a partnership between the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness and the Healthy Communities Institute. The Healthy Communities Institute is a non-profit organization that works with cities across the nation and internationally to facilitate community change through information technology solutions and services for health departments, hospitals and community coalitions.