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International publication features Lexington as ’boutique destination’

New York Times highlights Lexington neighborhood

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 20, 2015) — Skift, an international travel industry site, has featured Lexington in its Megatrends Defining Travel in 2015. The community is named in “The Rise of the Boutique Destinatio” section.

lexingtonThe publication says: “Sure you’ve been to New York City, but what about Lexington, Kentucky? The emphasis on local, unique experiences that’s led many consumers to eschew big brands for boutique or bespoke products is having a similar effect on how people choose vacation destinations as well as how cities and regions market themselves. For these destinations, it’s not about big campaigns on billboards or glossy magazines. It starts on digital, and if the experience is good, it continues there once the traveler has returned.”

Skift also states: “What we’re seeing now is a search for the authentic in a world that too often seems homogenous and already discovered. The movement is opening more destinations to visitors, and doing so without forcing the places to mimic the charms of top destinations.””

According to the 2013 Kentucky Tourism, Arts & Heritage Economic Impact of Kentucky’s Travel and Tourism Industry report, direct expenditures for the Bluegrass Region, which includes Lexington, was $1.7 billion in direct expenditures, up 3.4 percent over 2012 figures.

Lexington’s Mentelle neighborhood was also featured in The New York Times in an article about how the area has reinvented itself as a popular destination for food, spirits and shopping. The article can be read by clicking here.