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Lexington fights through historic 17-inch snow storm

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 5, 2015) — The going got tough last night, and Lexington kept going, fighting off a 17.1-inch historic snow storm with good planning and hard work, according to Mayor Jim Gray.

“We hit the streets with a 100-person snow removal team; we hired contractors with graders and trucks to supplement clean-up; we assisted stranded motorists; provided emergency transportation; and helped our neighbors,” Gray said.

Even though the snow continued all morning and ran into double digits, street crews had a handle on the main thoroughfares by mid-afternoon, according to a news release from the Mayor’s Office.

“They’re getting it done,” Gray said.

And the city is also preparing for the next challenge – overnight temperatures threatening to sink below zero.

“Extreme cold is the greatest threat to people who are homeless and outside with no shelter,” Gray said.

Charlie Lanter, director of the Office of Homelessness and Prevention and Intervention said 439 people stayed in emergency shelters overnight … an average number.

To report someone you fear is not in a shelter or does not have heat call 258-3600. People who need help getting out of the cold should call 258-3600. Citizens can call 2-1-1 if they need to locate shelter or other assistance.

“We are building a safety net we hope will catch people who might suffer from exposure,” Gray said.

Citizens contributed a lot to the city’s efforts by staying off the roads when possible.

“Thanks to Lexington citizens. We asked for their help … we asked them to stay off the roads and to move cars parked on main roads … and they responded. Since midnight we’ve had only two injury accidents and 30 non-injury accidents,” Gray said. “People are staying in, allowing the street crews to get their work done. Those who are driving are being very cautious.”

• The regular meeting of the Urban County Council has been canceled for tonight.
• There will be no garbage pickup on Friday. Weather permitting Waste Management may pick up garbage from those who normally get city Thursday or Friday pickup on Saturday, March 7.
• Kentucky Utilities reports few issues with power outages today. We will continue to carefully monitor the conditions and will respond quickly in the event of outages, said Cliff Feltham, KU Statewide Media Relations Manager.
• The lack of problems with power outages makes it possible for the Emergency Operations Center to close at 4 p.m. today, said Pat Dugger, Director of the Division of Emergency Management.