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Lane Links — A daily digest of Kentucky business news you want to know

By Lorie Hailey
The Lane Report

A study by a company that helps secure data on Web sites suggests Lexington sees more fraudulent online transactions than other cities its size, reports the Lexington Herald Leader.

The study by ThreatMetrix, which used data from the 5,000 websites that use its software, found Lexington had the 10th highest percentage of originating online fraud among 150 major cities.  READ THE FULL STORY


The state House is set to vote today on a more than $4.5 billion transportation budget bill and a measure aimed at curbing prescription pain pill abuse after the proposals cleared separate committees on Tuesday, reports the Lexington Herald Leader.

House Bill 2, the transportation operating budget, and House Bill 1, the prescription drug measure, are the sole pieces of legislation to be considered in the special legislative session that started Monday. The session is costing taxpayers about $60,000 a day.  READ THE FULL STORY


AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint say they need more radio spectrum, the government-rationed slices of radio waves that carry phone calls and wireless data, reports the New York Times.

The wireless carriers say they may not have enough of it in the next few years to meet the exploding demands for mobile data, which may result in slower or spotty connections on smartphones and tablets. They also imply that the price of cell phone service will soar, the newspaper says.

But some scientists and engineers say the companies are playing a game that is more about protecting their businesses from competitors.  READ THE FULL STORY


In every line of work, women earned less than men in 2010, according to a report issued Tuesday by the American Association of University Women.

The Associated Press reports that women of all ages, education levels and ethnic backgrounds in the United States earned 77 percent of what men earned in 2010. Tuesday was Equal Pay Day, which was started in 1996 by the National Committee on Pay Equity to call attention to the gap between men’s and women’s wages.

The report says that in 2010, women’s annual median earnings were $36,931, compared with $47,715 for men.  READ THE FULL STORY


Billionaire investor Warren Buffett told shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway on Tuesday that he has prostate cancer but “feels great” and will continue to run the conglomerate during treatments.

In a letter to Berkshire investors, Buffett, 81, the chairman and CEO, said he has been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer and that he will commence daily radiation treatment in mid-July.  READ THE FULL STORY

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