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State treasurer finds $461K in unclaimed property for Louisville man

Part of Treasurer Todd Hollenbach’s finder’s program

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Sept. 8, 2015) — Kentucky Treasurer Todd Hollenbach appeared on the WHAS TV program “Great Day Live” Tuesday morning with Fred Meyer, a retired engineer from Louisville and the recipient of $461,000 in unclaimed property from the Treasure Finders program.

Fred Meyer on “Great Day Live”

Meyer’s good fortune is the result of a Treasure finders pilot project by Hollenbach to seek out the rightful owners of high dollar unclaimed properties in Jefferson and Fayette Counties.

“Our thinking is if we can solve these hard to find high profile claims” Hollenbach said, “We can encourage others to search for their unclaimed property.”

Meyers’ story began decades ago when he purchased an Apple computer for his then 10-year-old son. He was so impressed with the computer, he decided to buy some stock in the company, 400 shares at $2 a share.

Over the years, the account was taken over by different brokers and Meyer lost track of the stock. Finally in 2008, by law the latest broker reported the stock to the state Treasury as abandoned property after failing to locate Meyer the previous three years. Four years later the Treasury sold the stock and placed the value in the unclaimed property data base. The stock had split and its value in 2012 was $461,000

A month ago, Hollenbach’s staff, using the latest search technology, located Meyer, processed his claim and handed him a check.

Meyer was so grateful to the treasurer, he agreed to go on “Great Day Live” and tell his story in hopes of inspiring others to search for unclaimed property.

Kentuckians can search for unclaimed property by going to MissingMoney.com or by calling toll free 800-465-4722.

In his eight years as Kentucky Treasure, Hollenbach has returned more than $135-million dollars worth of unclaimed property to the rightful owners of Kentucky through his Treasure Finders program.