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Paducah Riverfront Redevelopment Project receives $1.5M

Supports city’s visionary revitalization of Ohio River shoreline 

PADUCAH, Ky. (Nov. 23, 2015) — Gov. Steve Beshear today ceremonially presented more than $1.5 million in state funding to support Paducah’s Riverfront Redevelopment Project, which aims to transform the community’s Ohio River shoreline.

The state funding will give a boost to a phase of the project that includes completion of a land mass in the river and construction of a gangway and floating service dock at which passing boaters can take on fuel, water and other supplies and have sewage safely disposed.

The project, designated as Riverfront Redevelopment Phase 1-B, will cost $8.1 million. It is part of a larger plan that will transform the riverfront with a public park and landscaping, plazas and a pavilion, ample parking and a host of cultural amenities

“The funding being presented today represents an investment in a vision,” said Beshear, who presented Paducah Mayor Gayle Kaler with a ceremonial check to the City of Paducah in the amount of $1,525,000. “The vision is that of a largely barren Ohio River shoreline transformed into a place of pride for the community and enjoyment by citizens and visitors alike, now and for generations to come. When the current vision becomes a finished work, the Jackson Purchase will have even more reason to call itself a tourism destination.”

Phase 1-B will include completion of rock filling in the river to enable an expansion of Shultz Park, which now is a narrow thread along the city’s floodwall. The stone will be topped with soil, grass and landscaping. A gangway to the river will connect with a 340-foot “transient” dock, a floating facility that potentially could be expanded into a marina. The city’s contractor for Phase 1-B is MAC Construction and Excavating Inc.