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Lyons Farm to fork: Alltech brings new brand to the table

By Mark Green

[Lexington, KY] – During Alltech’s 28th Annual International Symposium on Monday, Dr. Pearse Lyons, the president and founder of the company, officially unveiled the new Lyons Farm brand. Lyons Farm will offer consumers natural, high quality foods, beginning with beef and poultry.

“Lyons Farm is really exciting because it is a tremendous opportunity for us to share our passion for naturally improving health and nutrition for both animals and consumers. These are results you can literally taste — the meats are more tender and juicy,” said Lyons.

Lyons Farm’s poultry and beef products are produced using Alltech’s natural nutritional feeding programs, which have been developed through more than 30 years of research in animal nutrition. Each animal is fed the right nutrients at the right time based on its specific needs. The result is consistent, premium-quality meat that is rich in antioxidants and nutrients while remaining free from additives such as growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics.
“We can give customers what they want and need — more nutritious, naturally produced foods that taste better,” explained Lyons.

Studies conducted on beef produced using Alltech’s feeding program report that oxidation values are 50 percent lower, the pH is lower, the mineral status is improved, and there is greater moisture in the beef. Chefs and consumers alike have reported that the beef has exceptional tenderness, flavor, and quality.

When asked about the quality and taste of Alltech’s beef, Jeremy Ashby, executive chef and owner of Azur Restaurant and Patio in Lexington, Ky., responded “This product, more than any other in the history of my career, has produced the best results I’ve had… customers say that is the best piece of meat they have ever had.”

Lyons Farm represents a new opportunity for expansion and will encompass Alltech’s all-natural beef, Alltech Angus, which is currently available in 150 restaurants and retailers in Lexington and Louisville, Ky., and Cincinnati, Ohio. In a recent survey of customers, 93 percent reported that they will purchase Alltech Angus again. But the Lyons Farm product line will offer more than beef. Poultry will be released shortly, with other food products to follow in the future.

“This isn’t just about meat, it’s about food. And it’s about providing premium products for consumers and their families; beef and poultry are just the first steps,” said Lyons. “We want to expand and add new products that meet the consumer’s desire for great, healthy and nutritious food.”

Look for Lyons Farm products to be available starting this summer in restaurants and quality retailers throughout the Central Kentucky area and through online ordering.