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Kindred CEO testifies about healthcare before U.S. Senate Finance Committee

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (May 23, 2012) Paul J. Diaz, chief executive officer of Kindred  (NYSE:KND) testified today before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee for a hearing called “Progress in Health Care Delivery: Innovations from the Field.”

Diaz spoke about the need for collaboration, teamwork and alignment of interests in order to transform the nation’s healthcare delivery system to be more patient-centered, outcome-driven and cost effective, and the critical role post-acute care plays in such a system.

In oral testimony before the committee, Diaz shared the Kindred’s experiences in testing new care models in different markets.

“Several years ago, Kindred and other providers began to develop the capabilities to meet the needs of patients throughout their entire episode of care to begin to address the shortcomings of the current silo-based system. So we set out to build the capabilities to deliver integrated post-acute care in local communities,” he told the committee.

Discussing the role of post-acute care in pursuing new care models, Diaz said, “We have to do a better job of coordinating care for patients — to improve quality and reduce costs — and tremendous opportunities exist as our patients leave hospitals, enter post-acute care settings, and ultimately transition home.”

Diaz’s written testimony, available here, provides detailed accounts of pilots where Kindred is collaborating with physicians, and acute care and managed care partners and testing new models of care delivery.

A webcast archive of the hearing is available to view here.