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Kentucky Fried Zine Fest announces 2016 schedule, exhibitors

KFZ poster-smallNow in its fourth year, the Kentucky Fried Zine Fest will take place at the Lyric Theatre & Cultural Arts Center on Saturday Aug. 13 from noon-6 p.m. The event is free, open to the public, and all ages.

Creators will display and sell zines (independently produced magazines) mini comics, and more. Prices range from $1-$10. There will be interactive craft stations and readings throughout the day.

The Kentucky Fried Zine Fest (KFZ) is an independent event whose purpose is to showcase DIY zines, comics, book & paper arts, and the work of independent publishers, with an emphasis on creators from the Kentucky/Southern region. The organizers intend to create a space for individuals to meet, interact and learn from one another about DIY publishing.

KFZ also creates original self-published works in collaboration with various fundraisers and local events. Last year, KFZ created an original version of the word game Mad Libs, consisting of stories about the history of the Lyric Theatre and Lexington’s East End neighborhood, along with word games, trivia and photos.

The Lyric’s Development Director Ashley Smith said, “The Lyric is thrilled to partner with KFZ on this amazing community event. The creative and educational components of zines are tools to raise awareness on social issues in a fun and engaging way.”

For more information, see http://www.kfzines.org

Follow KFZ on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KFZines/

RSVP to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1613044269009974/
2016 Exhibitors

ALEX NALL (Chicago, IL) is a cartoonist and teaching artist living in Chicago. His book ‘Teaching Comics: Volume 1’ was published in May 2016.

ALEX ROBINSON (Junction City, KY) is the writer & artist for “Robin & Cat”, an LGBTQ romance comic.

ANA MARIA (“RENMELEON”) SELVAGGIO (Berea, KY) has eight arms, all ending in some type of writing or drawing instrument. Her pen is an extension of her body. If she’s not creating something, check her breathing.

ANGEL CEZANNE (Cleveland, OH) is a queer feminist poet and essayist, and the editor of Eleanor: A Zine. She currently lives in Akron, Ohio.

BILL WIDENER (Lexington, KY) has made zines since he joined the city’s first punk rag, “Lexington Lost.” In the ’90s, Widener and his best friend self-published mini-comix and the anthology “Nerve”. Widener returned to zine-making in 2014 with “Comics Funnies”, featuring new and old work as well as oddities from his collection.

BRAINFREEZE COMICS (Nashville, TN) is a curated collection of underground, alternative, and small press comics & zines, ranging from handmade one-of-a-kind art objects to masterfully reissued collections from renowned alternative publishers. Brainfreeze began as a small shelf in the corner of The Groove record store in East Nashville. Since opening in July 2014, it has grown to include over 1,000 items, a coin operated sticker machine, poster and prints, patches, pins, and other unique handcrafted merchandise.

BRONSON O’QUINN (Lexington, KY) owns and operates Maze Rats, a resource focused on video game communities and education. Bronson is a writer, graphic designer, and web developer. Also, Bronson loves cats, and—with his wife—has three amazing kitties.

CARMEN DAVIS (Norton, VA) writes Appalachian Monsters, a zine based in Southwest Virginia with the goal of strengthening the communities of Appalachia, raising awareness about problems and triumphs of these communities, and helping to reclaim and write our own narratives.

CHEERING AND WAVING PRESS (Lancaster, OH) is an independent artist collective committed to publishing socially conscious zines and distributing free zines to the public.

CINDY + JENNY BUTOR (Lexington, KY) Cindy is a writer/comic artist who does cool stuff like write articles for the blog Book Riot and brings books to people as Lexington Public Library’s Book Van Coordinator. She can often be found at her desk; writing, reading manga, listening to musicals (SO into Hamilton), watching The Mindy Project or Penny Dreadful, and drawing. Often all at the same time. Jenny is an artist who likes to draw and paint a lot of sad naked ladies, and loves kitties, reading, sleeping, book organization, and has declared on several occasions that if she was a Jaeger pilot her Jaeger’s name would be Pastel Thunder.

CLAIRE KRUEGER (Louisville, KY) is a versatile maker. A native of Louisville, she is on the education team at The Speed Art Museum. Claire is passionate about community arts and printed matter; she has been making zines for over a decade. You can find her zines as well as other photographic and video projects at www.clairekrueger.com

COWBOY HOUSE is a Pittsburgh-based art collective made up of Fred Frances, Jeff Gibbons, and Mike Madsen. Each member of COWBOY HOUSE is both a writer and artist, and they work independently as often as they collaborate. Since 2010, COWBOY HOUSE has self-published over 50 minicomics and zines dealing with a wide range of subjects and themes.

DALE EPPERSON is a Lexington-based publisher of literature, music, & apparel.

DAVID DICKASON (Lexington, KY) is a part-time poet, brewer and human who has decided to try his hand at presenting his poetry in a different medium.

ELLIOTT JUNKYARD (Branchburg, NJ) makes lots of art in lots of different ways. He also loves tea.

HOLLI FRILEY is an artist living and working in Lexington, KY. She studied printmaking and drawing at Transylvania University and has continued working in those mediums. Her work focuses on the strength and beauty that can be found everywhere- from flowers to chicken fingers to angry salsa dancers. And she loves dogs so much.

INSTITUTE 193 (Lexington, KY) collaborates with artists, musicians, and writers to produce exhibitions, publications, and projects that document the cultural landscape of the modern South. It provides artists from Kentucky and the Southeastern US—selected not by commercial viability, but by the quality/relevance of their work—with exhibition and publication opportunities.

JUSTIN STEWART (Nicholasville, KY) is an artist. Justin makes dumb pictures with his dumb brushes.

KATIE ARMENTROUT Cartoonist. Wife. Seeker of Justice. 100% Pure Woman. Chicago’s own Katie Armentrout brings you tales of woeful hilarity, humility, and cats in her autobiographical comics series, “Celebrate the People!”

KEN KIRK is a an artist and writer out of Lexington KY. Though not classically trained, Ken takes influences from comics, film, and pop culture, and his artistic and writing ventures reflect a wide range of subjects that reflect those influences.

KENN MINTER (Lexington, KY) is a comic book writer, artist, and publisher. Kenn publishes his comics under the imprint, Near Mint Press. He has published many comic collections and graphic novels including “Tales of the Emerald Yeti,” “I’m not from here,” and “the Experts.”

LINDSAY RILEY (Richmond, KY) is the person behind Laserlope Illustration and several zines. She has a Printmaking degree but works in Technology. Lindsay loves to make art, read webcomics, jog slowly, and eat soup. She lives in Kentucky with her boyfriend and their pet rats.

LUZ MAGDALENO “¿SERIO?” is a social justice anthology zine based out of Chicago. Co-founded by Luz Magdaleno, who identifies as a [email protected] Feminist Writer, and Alvaro Zavala, who identifies as a Chicano Queer Illustrator.

MATTHEW CALVERT (Delaware, OH) is a writer/artist quickly establishing a reputation as a unmarketable weirdo. His work is sort of a dialectic contrasting literary art books and prurient comic books, which is a difficult sell to audiences who tend to prefer one or the other.

NICK WARNER (Lexington, KY) Total Gravy and Friends opens the party portal to plop some fun in your hands so you can jam on some creativity!

NOLA LEE (Bellevue, KY) is an illustrator, cartoonist and maker of things. Her artistic fuel ranges from daily journaling to fantasy and mythos. When she isn’t drawing she can be found cooking, not folding her laundry, and watching 90’s anime.

PIONEERS PRESS (Lansing, KS) is a publishing and small press distro specializing in books and zines about self-care, DIY, homesteading, and general awesomeness.

PORKBELLY PRESS (Cincinnati, OH) creates chapbooks in handbound, hand-numbered editions, and seeks works with a strong sense of voice, place, and perhaps a touch of fabulism, folklore, or magic. We make our home on the banks of the Ohio River, in a little town called Cincinnati, where pigs fly.

QUARANTINE COMICS is a Lexington based independent comic book/entertainment label made up of artist/creators from Lexington and Louisville.

QUEER ANXIETY BABIEZ DISTRO (San Francisco, CA) Kristen and Maira are two anxious dudes who just wanna chill.

REALICIDE YOUTH RECORDS Est. 2004 in Cincinnati, record label that has increasingly drifted toward presenting and distributing constructive Anarchist ideas, including an array of zines over the years. Recent publications include Divtech “Stasis” zine and art zine by Franchesca of Death Sex Advocates.

RE:ALLIGNMENT (Lexington, KY) Rory Barron and Joie Filippini are students of the University of Kentucky. Joie is a 21-year-old writer and poet; Rory is a 23-year-old aspiring writer. They started this zine project together in response to the poor representation of queer people in mainstream media.

ROBERT KELSEY is a Chicago native cartoonist and printmaker, whose work tends to focus on famous authors, giant monsters, food, pop culture, or some combination thereof.

SAME COIN PRESS (East Fairfield, IL) is a publishing project by Claire Cushing and Nathan Pearce. We make zines and photobooks.

SARA TURNER lives and works as an artist in Lexington, KY. She is one-half of design studio Cricket Press, a local business focusing on illustration and the process of screen-printing. Along with her design work Sara also writes, illustrates, and publishes comics under the name Tiny Ghost Stories

STEVEN HAYES (Lexington, KY) likes to make things with his friends and eat too much candy and chips. He was once on an elevator with Joan Osborne and he used to play French horn.

VERONICA LETO (Nashville, TN) is an artist, writer, birth doula, and riot grrrl. Originally from NYC, now settled in Nashville with her wife and poodles. She leads a queer, passionate, body positive life.

WALTER BOSCO + PHIL N. FERRILL (Lexington, KY) are local futurians whose mind-bending apocrypha lie at the stormy cross roads of genre fiction and tabloid journalism.