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Jessica Casebolt: Turn New Year’s resolution into something positive


How is that New Year’s resolution going? I know a few of my friends have already messed up or quit. Gyms and churches still seem to be overflowing right now, and, not to brag or anything, but with my resolution, I’m still holding strong!

next-logoMost people have been making plans to stop eating fast food, to quit smoking, lose weight, meet professional goals, and not spend so much money, among a million other things.

Here is a resolution for your New Year’s resolution: whatever it is that you’ve chosen to focus on in 2017, make it positive! Instead of “don’t do this” go for “let’s try that.” It may sound like a really simple thing, and it is, but the slight change in attitude and perspective might be just what you need to stick it out for the long-haul.

This is just my take on it, but I think it can be really difficult to try to stick to a goal or a plan that is based on NOT doing something. You don’t get to celebrate a lot of victories, it’s harder to measure success, and all the thoughts in your head are pretty negative on the subject. Whatever your resolution is for 2017, try to rework it in a way that can allow you to give yourself a pat on the back when you do well.

Instead of trying to cut out Oreos, make a commitment to add more salads into your diet. This way, every time you eat a salad you can feel some satisfaction instead of having foregone Oreos looming in the back of your mind. Instead of making it a goal to spend less money on clothes or shoes, try committing to saving some cash each week. When you can look at your bank account and be excited about the money you’ve been able to save, that will be far more encouraging than looking at your closet at the clothes and shoes you didn’t buy.

Also, have you told anyone about your resolution? Maybe you’ve talked about it with your friends or family, but one of the best ways to ensure you see it through is to incorporate some accountability into your game plan. The same rules apply as those mentioned above. Look for positive encouragement and provide other people opportunities to support you. The last thing you want is someone nagging you or pointing out shortcomings, so put it in a new context. If you’re aiming for better grades this year, plan study groups with smart people. Schedule a weekly lunch date at your favorite healthy restaurant with your best friend or find a workout class you both enjoy.

Opening up might require you being a little bit vulnerable – a resolution is something you want to change or fix right? So opening up to someone about the things in your life you’re not so satisfied with can be a little scary. Number one, remember that every single human being on planet earth comes up with a New Year’s resolution. You’re not alone; you’re not the only one who wants to fix parts of their life. Number two, going through it with someone else can make a victory that much sweeter. I have a friend who told me he had literally never read an entire book cover to cover in his life. It’s not exactly something he’s proud of, but every time he finished a book, he called me to tell me all about it. This made his resolution much more fun and much longer lasting. I have even picked up a few of his book suggestions.

Good luck with your resolution in 2017. I hope its positive and your year is fantastic!

Jessica Casebolt, a former Miss Kentucky, is a correspondent for the The Lane Report. You can reach her at [email protected]

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