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WKU issues statement on Executive Order on immigration

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Officials at Western Kentucky University have identified 22 students and at least two faculty members who are from the seven countries named in the White House Executive Order banning entry into the United States. We are reaching out to each of them individually and advising that they not travel out of the U.S. while this ban is in place. We are aware of no WKU students or faculty members who are currently overseas or being prevented from re-entering the country.

“Our international students are important members of the University family,” said WKU President Gary A. Ransdell. “We are working to fully understand all the variables in play, but it is important that our international students feel safe and know that they are welcome here. We will work to ensure that each of them stays on track to graduate.”

WKU officials remain in close contact with these individuals and are offering support and providing assistance and appropriate resources as needed. Internationalization remains a high priority at WKU, and the University is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all people, regardless of nationality.