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Group offers presentation to encourage voters to support Paducah/McCracken merger

PADUCAH, Ky. (June 25, 2012) — Leaders of a committee formed to educate residents on a city-county merger proposal are available for presentations to explain the plan that will be on the November ballot.

The presentation “Why Merger?” is designed to help voters see the benefits of the merger and encourage them to vote to merge the McCracken County and Paducah city governments.

“The public forums conducted by the official Merger Commission were designed to explain what was in the Charter County Government document. This presentation is designed to explain why we are seeking passage of a merged government,” said John Williams Jr., one of the presenters available to local civic clubs or neighborhood associations.

“We believe that merger is essential for our community’s long-term success,” said Tom Garrett, chair of the board of the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce. “The Chamber Board identified this as a top priority several years ago and our Board concluded that a merged government will set us apart from communities that compete against us for new business and industry and will enable us to speak with one unified voice.”

Paducah McCracken United, Inc. has been formed to advocate for merger. Initial members of the group are: Tom Garrett, president; Dan Key, vice president; Elaine Spalding, secretary; and Mike Karnes, treasurer. Other members include: Bill Jones, John Williams, Jr., Helen Sims, Lawrence Durbin, B.A. Hamilton, Kristin Williams, Bill Bartleman, Darlene Mazzone, Todd Duff, Gerry Montgomery, Mark Bryant, Deborah Edmonds, Mike Muscarella, Maurie McGarvey, Arthur Boykin, Duncan Pitchford, Michael Byers, Leon Owens, Billy Harper, George Sirk and Tony Reck.

One of the purposes of Paducah McCracken United is to make sure voters have all of the facts about merger, Garrett said.

The Power Point presentation is 20 minutes long with a three-minute video at the end. To book a presentation for any group of interested voters, call Sarah Hendley at 1-270-443-1746 or email [email protected].