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Louisville software company helping employers be in compliance with ACA

Used by 80% of Kentucky school districts

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (March 20, 2017) — Louisville-based PSST, a data integration software company, has been assisting employers—especially school districts—in extracting Affordable Care Act data for reporting to the Internal Revenue Service on time to avoid penalties.

PSST, whose products are used by nearly 80 percent of all Kentucky school districts, has more than 600 clients nationwide using ACA-Track, including third-party brokers who resell the software and direct users—companies with 500-plus employees and K12 school districts, including Jefferson County Public Schools, the largest school system in Kentucky with 20,000 employees. PSST, which was founded in 1992, has clients in 36 states.

“Even if the ACA were repealed tomorrow, experts in the industry speculate the law will mostly likely stay in force for employer reporting through 2018,” said PSST Chief Operating Officer Carl L. Williams Sr.

“PSST is growing into a comprehensive provider of data integration and compliance solutions,” he said. “We currently partner with other regional and national providers, such as American Fidelity, Frontline Education, Akunaware, to offer clients complete human capital management solutions that are electronic and seamless.”

This is the future of the marketplace as human resource tracking and parsing will continue, regardless of public policy, Williams said. “PSST has built a solid reputation as an integration solution for integration with Munis. Munis is a financial management system used by every school district in Kentucky, and it is also utilized by hundreds of other districts throughout the U.S. Our integration and related K12 products allow districts to maximize their experience with Munis by moving data bi-directionally and intelligently in real time.”