Greenup County High School teacher awarded 2017 Teacher Vision Grant

Will use funds to buy a 3-D printer

ASHLAND, Ky. (May 9, 2017) — Amanda Hensley, a librarian and teacher at Greenup County High ZSchool, today was awarded a $500 Teacher Vision Grant from Kentucky Power. The program awards teachers with mini-grants up to $500 to incorporate original and innovative programs and lessons into their classrooms.

Hensley said funds will be used to buy a 3-D printer for the school’s library. She said the printer will be used to expose the school’s 850 students to new technology and to increase student knowledge in design and engineering.

Kentucky Power launched the Teacher Vision Grant program in 2003. Teachers submit their project proposals for funding consideration to Kentucky Power. Recipients are chosen by a committee. All educators who live or teach in the AEP service area or in communities with major AEP facilities can apply for a grant. Projects that have an academic focus and a goal of improving student achievement are eligible for consideration.

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