Strategic Partnership Drives Local Macaron and Coffee Shop

Sylvianna Herrin, third from right, and Nate Polly, to her right, recently opened a new shop together selling macarons and coffee.
Sylvianna Herrin, third from right, and Nate Polly, to her right, recently opened a new shop together selling macarons and coffee.

It’s hard to beat freshly roasted coffee and French macarons, but the combination of the two is surely one to please palates all over Central Kentucky. Lexington coffee roaster Nate’s Coffee and La Petite Délicat this summer joined forces at their new paired location in Lexington’s hip, growing Warehouse Block neighborhood.

The partnership is an example of the inclination for teamwork young professionals all over Lexington are displaying.

“Lexington is a city that strives to work together, and the Warehouse block district is a great example of that,” said Nate Polly, owner of the five-year-old Nate’s Coffee business. “Mirror Twin (Brewery) and Rolling Oven (pizza), which is directly across the street from us, is a great example; they work together to bring the community around them together and share space and the customers that seek out either the pizza or beer.”

Sylvianna Herrin, owner of La Petite Délicat, opened in 2015, said though her business sells a specialty product it’s been successful because of its uniqueness and high quality.

“Very few shops make macarons because they are one of the more difficult baked goods to make,” she said. “We are the only specialty macaron shop in the city of Lexington.”

Polly said Herrin approached him about a collaboration.

“Sylvi actually approached us about a partnership,” he said. “She wanted to expand from serving our Yo! Wake Up to offering a full espresso bar in her new space. I love the new National Avenue/North Ashland (Avenue) scene and jumped at the opportunity to establish a Nate’s Coffee brick-and-mortar there. Between the great locally owned shops, restaurants, gyms and now Mirror Twin, National Avenue is just an exciting place to do business.”

The duo’s shop is situated in Warehouse Block, an area known for its collaborative marketing efforts and sense of community.

And coffee and macrons happen to go really well together.

“Both of us wanted to provide a place for people to enjoy what we do best, and with her knowledge of baking and mine of coffee it only seemed right that we would join forces,” Polly said. “All of the businesses and people in the neighborhood have been extremely welcoming, and their support has reaffirmed our idea that this area was the right places for us to be. There are so many opportunities to see our great city continue to grow. As long as people can come together and combine their loves, Lexington will be at the forefront of a collaborative future.”

Since combining, Herrin said the pair have been able to expand the shop’s offerings, adding new pastry items.

La Petite Délicat had a spot on South Ashland, but Herrin had to close it for a parking expansion at the nearby Euclid Kroger store. The shop is now located at 722 National Ave. in Lexington.

—Abby Laub

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