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42nd annual Governor’s Local Issues Conference begins today

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Aug. 23, 2017) – The 42nd Annual Governor’s Local Issues Conference officially begins Wednesday at the Galt House in Louisville, with a conference registration of over 850 locally elected officials, community leaders, and advocates.

The official theme, “Kentucky Leads,” is a testimony to the historic developments and milestones already seen in 2017.

“I am overjoyed at the start of the 42nd Annual Governor’s Local Issues Conference. Our theme, ‘Kentucky Leads,’ seeks to champion local leadership all around the state and what every official and advocate can do in their community to make a difference,” said DLG Commissioner Sandra Dunahoo. “We have an extraordinary lineup of speakers and workshops this year that will prove to be one of the most robust conferences to date.”

Gov. Matt Bevin and Braidy Industries CEO Craig Bouchard plan to share the stage on Thursday, August 24, during the Governor’s Luncheon for the keynote address. They will both deliver remarks and share key insights into the developments and decisions that helped bring one of this year’s biggest investments to Eastern Kentucky.

The opening session on Wednesday, August 23, will feature a first-ever social media livestream and introduction of cabinet secretaries, titled, “Meet the Cabinet.” Concurrent workshops on Wednesday and Thursday will feature state agencies and industry experts covering topics of fiscal transparency, grants and funding availability, economic development opportunities, legal issues, active aggressive shooting training, emergency management, tourism and many more.

“I am excited about this year’s conference and the opportunities we have to showcase leadership on so many levels,” said Vince Lang, Local Issues Board president and executive director of the Kentucky County Judge/Executive Association. “There are so many local leaders and unsung heroes that are working tirelessly to make Kentucky a better place. We want to put these efforts on display.”

The annual Governor’s Local Issues Conference brings together county and city government officials and community advocates from across the Commonwealth for education and networking through a variety of workshops and general sessions.

For details regarding the conference and programming, please visit: http://www.dlg.ky.gov/localissues/.