Treasurer Allison Ball returns $5 million worth of unclaimed property to Kentuckians

Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball
Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Dec. 4, 2017) –Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball has returned over $4,600,000 worth of unclaimed property to Kentuckians through proactive searches in 2017.

“I am a big believer in property rights,” Treasurer Ball said in a statement. “One of my favorite things to do in government is to return people’s property back to them. I am proud that my office has been able to focus on seeking out people and organizations to return money to.”

The Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division is capable of conducting proactive searches without falling behind on its day-to-day workload due to efficiency measures put in place by Treasurer Ball. Soon after Treasurer Ball took office in 2016, she implemented changes to eliminate a 90-day claims backlog within the division. As a result of those changes, the Unclaimed Property division is now able to proactively seek claimants to return money.

On one occasion, Treasury staff notified a man that he had about $60,000 to claim. The man, who had recently lost his job, explained that this check had come at the perfect time and would be vital in helping him keep his family afloat during the difficult financial time.

“Proactively reaching out to individuals, schools, local governments, and charities is a priority of mine,” Treasurer Ball stated. “It is important that people and groups are made aware of the money that belongs to them so that they can claim it. Every dollar we can return is another bit of money that can go a long way in strengthening the local economy.”

In total, Treasurer Ball has returned over $20 million dollars of unclaimed property during 2017 and over $45 million since she took office. To check for unclaimed property, please visit