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The Lane Report is interested in well-written, insightful Op-Ed’s that shed light on the way business works in Kentucky.

The Op-Ed guidelines:

  • No more than 750 words
  • Opinion on business or economic issue only which the writer feels passionate and qualified to write.

Editor’s note: This is an op-ed. The opinions expressed by the authors, nor the conclusions drawn in this post, do not necessarily reflect the opinions, viewpoints, or beliefs of The Lane Report, its owner, staff, or any organizations with which The Lane Report is affiliated.  The Lane Report reserves the right not to publish any Op-Ed submitted.

Op-Ed: College is a sound investment

If you or your child headed off to campus this fall, you’re probably worried about many things. Whether college will be worth the cost should be the least of...

Op-Ed: “Kentucky’s Winning Strategy”

We live in a time when our politics and opinions drive deeper divisions in our society than we have seen for generations. This is as true in Kentucky as it is...