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KY Career Center – Bluegrass is partnering with META/Facebook to help small business.

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Kentucky Career Center – Bluegrass is partnering with the biggest social media platform in the world to train for a growing market. Social Media content creators is an ever-expanding market and the need for small business to be able to utilize various platforms to promote their product or services is in high demand. Without being able to speak the often confusing and highly nuanced language of social media, succeeding in that world can be a daunting task.Meta recognized this need and has partnered with workforce development areas across the county to provide this training. The program, now entering its fourth year has shown an extraordinary amount of success even during the COVID years, growing from one location and 20 participants in the first year to 11 locations nationwide and over 400 participants in 2021. That is attributed to the success seen with 90% of employers highly recommending the program and 82% of employers reporting a significant increase in their social media presence as a result of this program.The program works by identifying qualified participants through the Kentucky Career Center – Bluegrass who have the interest and passion to pursue a career in social media. These participants will then be paired with a Meta mentor and provided virtual training on things like campaign creation, social media branding, presence optimization, statistical reporting, and ROI (return on investment).

Employers participating in the program will work with the Kentucky Career Center – Bluegrass to be paired with an intern, paid by us, to help them create or improve their outreach via non-traditional marketing. The employer doesn’t have to commit to the hiring of the intern post-training, but the hope is to provide the individual with real-world experience while the employer improves their online presence. Employers who would like to upskill their current staff may also qualify for this special project. This program is open to for-profit, non-profit, and even government organizations who see a need to improve their online presence.Amy Glasscock, Director of Workforce for the Bluegrass Local Workforce Development Area, commented, “We are so excited to have been selected by META to be part of this innovative program, which we see as a response to the cultural shift that was exacerbated by the conditions of 2020 and 2021. Small businesses can become worldwide sensations through the right social media marketing and the skills needed to meet this need is one that is changing more quickly than most of us can keep up, so who is better to help us meet this technology gap than the world leader in social media.”

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