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Historic philanthropic gift invests in expansion of Baptist Health

LEXINGTON, Ky.  When Baptist Health Hamburg opens in 2024, it will accelerate progress, enhance the patient experience and bring a new dawn to innovation, access and preventative care. Thanks to a historic philanthropic donation provided by Commonwealth Credit Union, the largest donation received in Baptist Health Foundation Lexington’s history, thousands of patients will receive more convenient care through expanded outpatient services for cancer, cardiovascular, breast imaging and diagnostics, emergency care, orthopedics and surgery.

“Commonwealth Credit Union’s generous gift is an investment in the future of healthcare and the future of Kentucky. Through this strong demonstration of support, Baptist Health and Commonwealth Credit Union continue to honor their shared legacies of care and ongoing commitment to the growth and improved health of this community,” said Baptist Health Lexington president Chris Roty.

Karen Harbin, president and CEO of Commonwealth Credit Union, shared, “We believe that health is the first step to wealth. Our donation is a symbol of our commitment to bettering lives of Kentuckians, and it’s one we know will have a lasting impact. Together, we’re making a difference – empowering the community through improved general health and financial wellness.”

Randy Fawns, chairman of Commonwealth Credit Union, echoes Harbin’s thoughts, “Baptist Health, like Commonwealth Credit Union, exists to serve, and we have a shared vision of unparalleled excellence. We’re thrilled to play a role in this pivotal moment in central Kentucky’s history.”

Baptist Health Hamburg is a new $253 million medical campus under construction along the I-64/I-75 corridor on Lexington’s northeast side. The project includes an emergency department, outpatient surgery center, multi-level medical office building, diagnostic services, and cancer center. Baptist Health Hamburg is anticipated to open in spring of 2024.

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