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House passes pay raises for state workers

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Members of the House voted to approve HB 444. The bill, sponsored by Chair Jason Petrie, provides a 6 percent raise for employees of all three branches of government on July 1, 2023. Additionally, the measure provides a $2000 pay raise for all employees and elected officials within the judicial branch.

“When and if the executive branch completes their study, we will consider that,” Petrie said. “Meanwhile, we will do a 6 percent increment across all three branches.”

The legislature has requested a full salary classification study from the executive branch since July 2021. The Personnel Cabinet is expected to complete their salary classification study by December 2023. Both the legislative branch and the judicial branch have fulfilled the task of completing their classification studies.

During the 2022 Regular Session, the General Assembly approved an 8 percent across the board raise for state employees.

“The commonwealth as an employer has not kept up with the private sector in compensation. That’s why the legislature has been pressing the Personnel Cabinet to complete their classification study,” Petrie explained.

HB 444 moves to the Senate for consideration. For more information about this legislation and other bills, please visit legislature.ky.gov or click here.

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