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HOUSEARAMA home buying initiative set for West Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Noir Black Chamber of Commerce Inc. (NOIRBCC) launches HOUSEARAMA, a new economic development home-buying initiative. The goal is to increase homeownership and revitalize overlooked neighborhoods across America. This will be accomplished through planned events to showcase multiple newly built and renovated homes for sale in potential up-and-coming neighborhoods nationwide.

HOUSEARAMA© was designed to play a significant role in improving low-income neighborhoods by working to increase new home construction and renovation of existing homes. Such improvements add to the quality of life in these neighborhoods, making them safer, attractive, and enjoyable. It can also lead to increased pride in ownership, a sense of belonging and community, and a reduction in crime and vandalism.

New home construction and renovations also increases property values, which benefits both homeowners and the broader community. Higher property values can also lead to more investment in the community, better public services, and create jobs.

“HOUSEARAMA WEST LOUISVILLE was designed to increase homeownership and eliminate Louisville’s Ninth Street Divide,” says John Shaw-Woo, founder and CEO of NOIRBCC. “Attracting first-time homebuyers and economically diverse families to the West End, creates a more diverse community, adding a richness and variety of experiences, perspectives, and ideas the city can learn from.”

A more diverse West Louisville will provide opportunities for learning, growth, and collaboration, he said.

“It will also present challenges and require intentional efforts to build understanding, respect, and inclusion,” Shaw-Woo said. “I believe it’s time we embrace West Louisville and move in that direction.”

HOUSEARAMA WEST LOUISVILLE showcases six newly built and renovated homes in the Parkland, Russell, and Shawnee neighborhoods 1-4 p.m. Saturday, March 25. To preview homes visit: www.noir-realty.com

For the specific street addresses, please contact Shaw-Woo at (844) 664-7222 or [email protected]

A realtor, mortgage lender, and Louisville Metro down payment assistance representative will be available at each home to answer questions and assist potential homebuyers with the pre-approved process that will help move them towards homeownership.

HOUSEARAMA WEST LOUISVILLE is a collaboration of  Noir Black Chamber of Commerce Inc., Noir Realty Ky LLC, Louisville Metro Down Payment Assistance Program, First Financial Bank, Motto Mortgage, Republic Bank, Ruoff Mortgage, Stockton Mortgage, and Synergy One Lending.

To preview HOUSEARAMA WEST LOUISVILLE participating homes visit: www.noir-realty.com

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