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“The Wrong Nurse” movie in production in Fayette County

State provides $245,000 incentive for $770,000 movie

By Kristen Roberts

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Cabin Productions LLC, a single purpose entity created for the production of a movie titles “The Wrong Nurse,” was granted approval of a tax incentive in the amount of $245,004 by the Kentucky Entertainment Incentive (KEI) program.

According to the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA), “The Wrong Nurse” is a feature-length film taking place in Fayette County, and production is set to begin April 22, 2024 and has an anticipated end date of July 26, 2024. KEDFA approved the incentive.

The film is about Dr. David Sullivan, a brilliant, charming, and seemingly dedicated, up-and-comer in the medical field. He’s lauded for his miraculous recoveries and innovative techniques, but beneath surface, he harbors a dark secret – he’s not a licensed doctor at all.

The doctors “miraculous” patient recoveries are fueled by risky, experimental treatments, often with devastating side effects hidden with the help of smart, but ethically conflicted traveling nurses, Ava, Lexie and Susie.

The film’s current anticipated project expenditures are set at $770,846, in which $275,000 is slated for Kentucky resident production crew.

They are expecting to have about 48 total production crew members, with 26 of those being Kentucky residents.

The KEDFA book stated that Wrigley Media Group in Lexington, Ky., holds 20% or more of the ownership rights to the project. Wrigley Media Group is the largest public-use studio production facility in the state, with an extensive, in-house inventory of production and post production equipment, as well as skillfully trained video production specialists and multiple FAA licensed drone operators.

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