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10 Mayfield tornado survivor families get keys to new homes

198 homes are completed, under construction or approved to start construction
December 2021 tornadoes destroyed the Mayfield City Hall & Police Department and hundreds of homes and businesses.

MAYFIELD, Ky. — Today, Gov. Andy Beshear joined local officials and nonprofit leaders to dedicate 10 new homes for tornado survivors in Mayfield.

“We made a promise to be with Western Kentucky after the tornadoes, until every home and every life was rebuilt,” Gov. Beshear said. “That’s a promise we are keeping with each new home dedication. Each of these homes provides a family who has lost so much the safety and opportunity they need to thrive.”

Ten families received the keys to their new homes today, thanks in part to $1 million from the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund. The new homes were built through The Hope Initiative.

“We are celebrating with 10 more families today as we dedicate our 42nd home. Moving past the number 40 is a milestone for us. The number 40 is often regarded as a number of trial and struggle. It rained 40 days on the Ark. The children of Israel wandered 40 years in the wilderness. Jesus fasted 40 days in solitude. But today, 40 is a number of hope as our team has moved beyond 40 and continues this good work. We thank God for his kindness toward us in the mission,” said Pastor Stephen Boyken, president of the Hope Initiative. “We are grateful for the Governor and his commitment to rebuilding. We appreciate everyone that is a part of Team Kentucky and has joined us in Building Hope together.”

Each of the families experienced total destruction of their home and see rebuilding as a sign of hope.

“The Hope Initiative is such a deserving name for this program, a program that has given us hope for new beginnings and a home back in Mayfield,” said new homeowner Alexandria Lawson. “There are no words to express how grateful we are for this blessing,”

More than $21.6 million has been committed from the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund to construct or repair 300 homes. To date, 198 home-building projects are completed, under construction or approved to start construction, 92 of which are located in Graves County. Launched just days after the tornadoes in December 2021, the fund has raised over $52.3 million, with donations from over 150,000 individuals and businesses. In addition to building homes, the money raised helped pay funeral expenses for the families of the deceased and provided assistance to survivors as well as local farmers.