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Sunrise Children’s Services update on special space for siblings in foster care

Winchester, Kentucky (June 18, 204) – Sunrise Children’s Services has announced significant progress on its latest initiative, Solid Rock, a new community of hope for siblings in foster care. These thoughtfully designed facilities have been made possible by a generous donation and support from a dedicated community, an educator with a servant’s heart, and volunteer contractors who traveled all the way from Mississippi.

In 2016, former teacher Judy Singleton from Clark County, Kentucky, selflessly donated 130 acres of land in Winchester to Sunrise. The contribution was made to establish a sanctuary where siblings in foster care could find stability and support together. Today, Singleton’s dream is rapidly taking shape, thanks to the ongoing construction efforts generously supported by the Mississippi Nail Benders.

“Ms. Judy’s dream is now becoming a reality,” said Sunrise President Dale Suttles. “This project represents not only the compassion and generosity of our donors but also a commitment to providing a loving, supportive environment for sibling groups in need.”

The new community of care in Winchester will serve as a beacon of hope for children who often face uncertainty and separation. With construction progressing steadily, Sunrise Children’s Services anticipates welcoming the first residents to this transformative space as early as the end of this year.

“We are deeply grateful to everyone who has contributed to this project,” Suttles added. “Their support ensures that we can continue our mission of caring for Kentucky’s most vulnerable children, giving them the security and stability they deserve.”

Once the primary living facilities at Solid Rock have been completed, additional buildings and common spaces will be constructed to create a fully encompassing space to make residents feel safe, warm, and welcome. In essence, Solid Rock will become a therapeutic community of care for everyone within the village community, foster parents supporting foster in a therapeutic setting.

Sunrise Children’s Services remains committed to expanding its impact and fostering brighter futures for children across Kentucky. For those interested in becoming foster parents, supporting foster care initiatives, or seeking more information, please visit sunrise.org.