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Ecoshell LLC locates HQ for its plastic reduction material business in Ky

GEX is derived from eggshells and will serve logistics in the Americas

COVINGTON, Ky. — Sustainable plastics-replacing materials maker Ecoshell LLC, founded by ecopreneur Andrew Bliss, is launching in Northern Kentucky to provide innovative, eggshell-derived solutions across North and South America.

Ecoshell holds distribution and representation rights for GEX, the world’s only patented and eco-certified plastic-reducing eggshell-derived solution, for both North and South America. The company has a network of contracted partner factories across Taiwan, Southeast Asia and the Americas, ensuring strong production capabilities.

Ecoshell’s engineers focus on developing new materials specifically tailored for the North American market. Additionally, multilingual sustainability consultants are strategically positioned in key U.S. markets to assist clients in achieving their environmental goals. Besides its headquarters in Covington, Ecoshell operates a Canadian company founded by Nicole Hollins, which is proudly listed on the Indigenous (First Nations) Business Directory, offering clients numerous benefits through this cooperation.

Use of Ecoshell’s materials can reduce plastic content by up to 50% and achieve a 70% reduction in carbon emissions compared to virgin plastic.
They are certified to be recyclable (EN 13430) and compatible with various plastics including PP, PE, EVA, PS, ABS, RUBBER, and PVC, and offer a superior quality at a lower cost compared to other green materials like bioplastics, according to Ecoshell.

The company says GEX is appropriate for packaging (cosmetic, pharmaceutical, cannabis, industrial), household items, consumer goods, containers, film rolls, and more. Suitable for injection molding, blow molding, film blowing, thermoforming, and calendaring. In most cases it requires no changes to existing production facilities and machines, enabling seamless adoption.

Initially, Ecoshell will market its resins and compounds to brands and manufacturers aiming to reduce their plastic usage and carbon footprint. Additionally, Ecoshell offers comprehensive OEM and ODM services for clients seeking to develop sustainable products from design to manufacture. The company will also introduce its own line of branded eco-friendly products and groundbreaking materials, including plastic film made from ocean-bound plastic and GEX eggshell material, poised to be the lowest carbon plastic film available.

Founder Bliss relocated to the U.S. from Taiwan after working there for 18 years to bring this transformative technology to the U.S.

“The timing is perfect,” Bliss said. “Companies are increasingly committed to sustainability, and more plastic reduction mandates, like California’s SB 54, are being enacted. Ecoshell offers the ideal solution without the need for costly material testing, machinery upgrades, or packaging redesigns.”

Bliss highlights the carbon reduction of Ecoshell’s materials, emphasizing their comprehensive lifecycle benefits over other so-called green alternatives.

“We offer upfront plastic and carbon reduction while repurposing agricultural waste, resulting in a recyclable end product,” he said. “This aligns perfectly with the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, allowing businesses to meet mandates without additional expense or production downtime.”

Strategic Location
Bliss chose Northern Kentucky for its status as a top U.S. distribution and logistics center, providing easy access to major plastic manufacturers in the Midwest and potential clients like P&G and Kroger in Cincinnati. More, Covington has the feel of a village and community, which reminds Bliss of the culture he fell in love with in Taiwan. The region is smart, ahead of the curve, and can handle the needs of giant corporations, while also providing a friendly atmosphere and community that is invested in each other’s success. Covington’s entrepreneurial energy, supportive infrastructure, and community spirit make it an ideal base for Ecoshell’s growth.

Ecoshell’s innovative materials are already in use across Asia by industry leaders like Google, HP, and Dell. The company is now poised to introduce this game-changing technology to the Western market, promising to transform sustainable plastic manufacturing.

As Bliss emphasizes, “Simply put, this stuff is no yolk.”