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Hardin Memorial Health Board of Trustees authorize $4.7 million hospital re-covering, helipad updates

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (May 15, 2018) – The Hardin Memorial Health (HMH) Board of Trustees has approved a plan to re-cover a portion of the hospital constructed in 1993. The $4.7 million project also includes a new roof system and the helipad repairs in order to prevent further water damage to the facility and to patient treatment areas.

HMH Assistant Vice President of Operations Steve White said current conditions have reached a critical state and require immediate attention.

“Water regularly penetrates the existing exterior which damages insulation and deteriorates the metal studs in the wall system,” said White. “Without these improvements, water damage will impair our ability to care for patients in this aging area of the hospital.”

White said the roof system is beyond its service life and the helipad structure, used almost daily, has additional renovation needs.

HMH CEO Dennis Johnson said, “This project is a prime example of why we need so much capital. So many of our facilities need significant renovation and the need to purchase and replace equipment never ends. This is just one of the reasons why our Board of Trustees chose Baptist Health to purchase and invest in HMH— to make sure we have the resources to make the substantial improvements patients demand and deserve.”

Johnson emphasized that capital needs far exceed what HMH has available even with strong financial performance during the past five years. “This renovation is just the tip of an iceberg in an ocean of needs,” Johnson said.

White said the first project phase will include the establishment of a temporary ground helipad along Woodland Avenue so that the existing roof can be removed and replaced.

The board also approved the hiring of three new physicians, including two oncologists, who will work at the HMH Cancer Care Center.

“More and more Central Kentuckians are choosing HMH for cancer care,” said Jeff Kingery, vice president, HMH Medical Group. “We are hiring high-quality physicians to meet the growing demand.”