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County awards first economic development grant to Glenmore Distillery for expansion

OWENSBORO, Ky. (Aug. 27, 2012) – The Daviess County Economic Development Fund, created by the Daviess County Fiscal Court to spur economic development in the region, today awarded Glenmore Distillery $150,000 for its on-going expansion in the region.

The incentive covers infrastructure costs associated with a key piece of property for the future expansion of Glenmore in Owensboro. The Glenmore Distillery recently purchased 14 acres of land located to the east of the distillery.

While there are no immediate plans for usage of the lot, it is being purchased for expansion opportunities in the future. The incentive assists the company with preparing and remediating the site for future use as the company completes its on-going expansion of 52 additional full-time employees. The company currently has 240 employees in Owensboro.

The family-owned Sazerac Company purchased the Glenmore Distillery in 2009. The distillery operates three shifts a day, bottling such iconic distilled spirits brands as Mr. Boston, Fleischmann, Barton, Chi-Chi’s and many more.

Since the Sazerac purchase three years ago, $5.3 million dollars of capital investments have been made at the facility, including new machinery and storage tanks. In addition, the company has moved over the bottling of several brands from other facilities to take advantage of Glenmore’s modern bottling facility, resulting in the addition of a second and third shift. The distillery is responsible for an economic impact of $17.8 million to the Owensboro area.

“We are committed to staying in the city of Owensboro, investing in the Distillery, and investing in the community,” said Mark Brown, president and CEO of Sazerac Company. “We are excited to be able to purchase the additional land adjacent to our Distillery so we can expand even further in the future.”