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XLerateHealth accelerator selects 10 healthcare companies for incoming sixth cohort

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (July 24, 2018) — XLerateHealth, a Louisville-based healthcare accelerator, announced it has selected 10 companies to participate in this year’s cohort of companies:

Airis Health (Louisville) develops artificially intelligent physician workflow solutions for hospitals to yield lower overall costs and higher reimbursements. Like Siri or Alexa for physicians, Airis acts as a virtual assistant, aiding physicians in often-frustrating tasks such as locating and communicating with staff.

Astarte Medical Partners (Yardley, Penn.) has created an AI driven analytics platform for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) including NICUtrition Guidance, a compliance tool to help hospitals standardize the practice of infant feeding in the NICU, and NICUtrition MAGI which uses predictive analytics to help identify infants at risk for gut inflammation.

CloverLeaf Learning (Louisville) provides unique video-based learning content for healthcare students, workers and healthcare facilities. The company’s flagship product, RadTechBootCamp, is becoming an industry standard for Radiology-based educational content.

Concussion Triage Network (Louisville) has developed a real-time assessment and referral network for athletic team coaches when a player has a suspected head injury on the playing field. This tool includes protocols for assessing the player’s risk at the point and time of injury, and provides a real-time connection to a national network of concussion specialists and neurologists for assessment and referral to the appropriate level of treatment.

Desicorp (Louisville) is a biotechnology company focused on developing a new method to extend the shelf-life of blood by drying it to powder for applications in disaster relief situations, battlefield settings, and in remote rural emergency rescue situations where blood for transfusions is in limited supply and/or is difficult to store due to limited availability of refrigeration.

EnMed MicroAnalytics (Charleston, S.C.) has developed a proprietary method for detecting very low concentrations of lead and other heavy metals collected from a single finger-or-heel stick. According to the CDC, almost all U.S. children are at risk for lead poisoning. This technology will enable routine (and ideally universal) screening of every pregnant woman and newborn, and selected pediatric patients for exposure to lead and other heavy metals.  

MendUX (San Francisco, Calif.) provides nursing homes and assisted living facilities a proactive solution to help solve problems related to cognitively-impaired patients (e.g. Alzheimer) wandering away from the caregiving facility and potentially becoming lost or injured. By discretely placing biosensors to learn the patient’s normal patterns of behavior, predictive analytics can alert caregivers to signs of wandering and can then locate and redirect the person.

nQ Medical (Boston, Mass.) is a digital diagnostic for neurological disorders which captures functional decline and allows for precise monitoring of small changes in neurodegeneration. Using AI, nQ evaluates passive data captured 24/7 to detect pathological signs of disease earlier than current tools, track disease progression, and measure impact of therapy. Used in Pharma clinical trials, it has been clinically validated as a diagnostic tool for Parkinson’s and is engaged in Alzheimer’s trials with the Cleveland Clinic.

Telasight (Louisville) is a telehealth company providing real-time practitioner to practitioner consults via phone, video-conference, text and email. When a patient presents with an unfamiliar or uncommon condition, a practitioner can now get a real-time consultation from an up-to-date expert in their field to receive the current standard of care and determine the best treatment and management plan.

VB Health (Dallas, Texas) is a Primary Care-Centered, Clinically Integrated Organization specializing in the delivery of comprehensive disease management and physician services to Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid Care Organizations, and other risk-bearing entities including Accountable Care Organizations for the clinical management of their high-risk membership.

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