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Catholic Health Initiatives launches wellness program with Sonic Boom

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Sept. 12, 2012) – Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), one of the nation’s largest Catholic health systems, announced today that it has selected Sonic Boom Wellness to provide a comprehensive health and wellness program to its employees.

Sonic Boom Wellness delivers sustainable, socially-engaging corporate wellness programs with a focus on improving daily health habits. After four months of vigorous planning, customization and complex technical integration, the program took off this month under CHI’s “Healthy Spirit” banner.

“We knew we loved their program, but this was such a complex launch that frankly we were a little nervous about whether or not a small company like Sonic Boom could pull it off,” said Stephanie Marshall, senior manager of wellness and productivity for CHI. “But their implementation has been nearly flawless, attention to detail impeccable, and responsiveness unrivaled. The customization we asked for was extensive, and we’re grateful that they were able to accommodate our requests. We’re excited that after four months of hard work on both sides, our employees can enjoy their amazing array of games and challenges.”

A typical launch for Sonic Boom will take one to four weeks. This was far more complex.

“This was a test for our amazing team, and everyone passed with flying colors,” said Danna Korn, CEO of Sonic Boom. “We’re delighted that CHI enjoys our fun-spirited approach, and that they’ve attached meaningful incentives to playing our games.”

Korn is referring to the fact that everyone who completes a set of goals will earn $200 in healthcare-premium discounts. This is managed through Sonic Boom’s proprietary Wellness Incentive Management System (WIMS), which allows customized rewards to be tied to any variety of healthy goals and activities. WIMS is a distinguishing element of Sonic Boom’s multi-dimensional program, driving engagement well above the company’s already-impressive average of 60 percent. While the incentive currency is flexible, most Sonic Boom clients use meaningful incentives with WIMS, such as healthcare-premium reductions, HRA or HSA contributions or wellness discounts.

The combination of games within the Sonic Boom program helps users improve daily health habits in an interactive and personalized way. Because the program is delivered online, CHI employees can participate from anywhere they can connect to a web browser. Members in Lexington can even compete against their colleagues in Mt. Sterling, or any other location within CHI’s national health network.

With more than 55,000 employees and nearly 130 facilities, Colorado-based Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) is one of the nation’s largest health systems. It has several facilities in Kentucky.