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Georgetown woman wins $1 million in Kentucky Lottery Scratch-off game

GEORGETOWN, Ky. — Jessica Ewen celebrates Christmas with her three siblings and a cousin each year but this year was different. The Georgetown resident says the group always purchases Kentucky Lottery Scratch-offs as their fun gifts. This past Sunday came with a big surprise.

“We all pitch in money together for the tickets,” Ewen said. “I put together a saran wrap ball with Scratch-off tickets and other items. It’s just a lot of fun and laughs!”

Ewen ended up with a $1 million winner from the $25 Millionaire Jumbo Bucks ticket from the game.

When asked if she scratched the ticket off with her siblings, Ewen said, “Some were there but I had to keep myself calm though to get through the rest of the holidays! As soon as I saw I won, I signed it and hid it!”

Ewen said winning a million dollars isn’t the only shock she’s had recently. “We just found out we are expecting our fifth child. We’ll be using this money to purchase a bigger house because we’re busting at the seams,” said Ewen. Her mother is recovering from breast cancer and is also living with the family.

She and her husband also plan to start college funds for all the children. “These are things I didn’t think we’d ever be able to do,” Ewen said. “I’m just so grateful.”

Ewen took the cash option amount and after taxes, she walked out with a check worth $553,800.

Ewen purchased her winning Millionaire Jumbo Bucks ticket at Falls Creek BP in Georgetown. The retailer will receive $7,800 for selling the winning ticket.