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KIA Board approves $6.7M in loans to the cities of Bardstown, Burkesville and La Center


FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Board has approved over $6.7 million in loans to help upgrade water treatment facilities throughout the state. The City of Bardstown received the bulk of the funds, $5,4 million, which will contribute to upgrades of the Rowan Creek sewer and Town Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The City of Burkesville also received $251,000 for upgrades, while the City of La Center received $1,050,049 for upgrades.

The funds will allow the City of Bardstown to replace the existing 750,000-gallon-per-day Pottershop pump station with a 3.6 million-gallon-per-day station. The project also consists of upgrading approximately 17,000 linear feet of sewer lines with 12- to 36-inch lines, as well as constructing mechanical screening facilities at the headworks of the treatment plant to remove trash and debris prior to treatment.

Replacement of the influent sewer at the Town Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is needed to eliminate a hydraulic constriction that causes the headworks to back up during high influent flows. The screening facilities are needed to remove trash and debris from the influent to prevent plugging problems with floating aerators and the biological reactor.

“It’s expected that these improvements will not only result in improved water quality, but also address a recurring issue of sanitary sewer overflows at the site,” said Department for Local Government Commissioner Sandra Dunahoo, who also serves as chair of the KIA Board. “I’m pleased to support a project with such important implications for public health.”

“Increasing the capacity and the effectiveness of these fixtures will allow the system as a whole to be more sustainable in the long run,” KIA Executive Director Donna McNeil said. “I look forward to seeing this project come together for the benefit of nearly 8,000 customers in Nelson County.”

“I’m grateful that the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority provides an affordable and easily accessible funding mechanism to help communities maintain and improve their water-related systems,” Sen. Jimmy Higdon said. “This is a win for Bardstown-area residents and officials.”

“This low-interest loan will be critical to keeping Bardstown’s utilities running efficiently and saving our citizens money in the long run,” Rep. Chad McCoy said. “I’d like to thank the Infrastructure Authority Board for working with our local officials in Nelson County to improve much-needed community services.”