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State unveils new health information exchange at eHealth Summit

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Kentucky Health Information Exchange has moved to a new platform with enhanced functionality and features for health providers across the commonwealth.

The updated system was unveiled at the 2019 eHealth Summit in Lexington. KHIE is administered by the Division of Health Information, within the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. The secure, statewide network allows providers to locate and share electronic medical records to improve care of the patient.

“KHIE grew out of the push for a nationwide effort to convert paper medical records to electronic data that can be shared more readily,” said CHFS Secretary Adam Meier. “The value is recognized at the point of care, when healthcare providers can quickly access a comprehensive, more holistic view of a patient’s health history.”

More than 100 hospitals and approximately 2,500 ambulatory healthcare sites are connected through KHIE. The system is designed to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of care.

Information available within KHIE includes lab results and pathology, transcribed radiology reports, summaries of care, admit, discharge and transfer notifications, immunizations and EMS data and health data from correctional facilities. Access is driven by role with HIPAA compliant methods.

“Facilitating a statewide health information exchange within state government offers the ability to collaborate on projects with our sister agencies and other state programs, streamline reporting processes, and enable statewide access to clinical information,” said Robert Putt, executive director of the Office for Health Data & Analytics. “CHFS has elected to invest in a new technology platform with KHIE that will extend and expand those benefits.”

KHIE’s enhanced functionality will allow users to streamline workflow and access data where needed. The redesigned system also provides notifications for specific healthcare events and integration with KASPER, the Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting program.

Finally, users have the ability to customize the display of patient data through the ePartnerViewer and access the Kentucky Immunization Registry directly from the system.

“Our new logo, with the up and down arrows, is a visual representation of data flowing in and out of KHIE,” Putt said. “This demonstrates true interoperability where a health provider reviews meaningful patient data through KHIE at the point of care to better serve the patient.”

KHIE is a tool that will support improved health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs in Kentucky, especially in rural areas.

For more information about the exchange, visit https://khie.ky.gov/.