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Price Solutions to Expand Manufacturing, add Jobs

By wmadministrator

Two of Kentucky’s largest chambers of commerce will come together in 2010 to study how Pittsburgh, Pa., has transformed itself from a steel-manufacturing town into a city that recently hosted the World G20 Summit.

The Greater Louisville Inc. and Commerce Lexington Leadership Expedition will take place May 10-12, 2010.

“Regionalism is essential to competitiveness in today’s global economy,” said Joe Reagan, president and CEO of Greater Louisville Inc. “Louisville and Lexington are only 70 miles apart, and it’s exciting to see the business leadership of our two communities examining new ideas and solutions on a regional basis. It’s our hope that the combined Leadership Expedition will serve as a catalyst for greater coordination and innovation between two of Kentucky’s most energized communities.”

Previously, each organization has conducted its own annual study mission, and now the two will join together to study new ideas, strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives that can enhance Kentucky cities. The trip is designed to encourage statewide thinking, breakthrough ideas, regional networking and business collaboration.

In visiting Pittsburgh, the group will examine advances the city has made in education, tax policy, talent attraction, civic amenities, community branding and entrepreneurship. Pittsburgh was recently named the No. 1 Most Livable City in America, and has harnessed the power its affordable standard of living and world-class facilities to become a leader in the technology, research, and robotics industries. Pittsburgh is home to more than 100 global companies.