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Kentucky Copper Inc.Will Manufacture High-Tech Cables

By wmadministrator

India-based Chandra Proteco Ltd. has announced plans to start up a new manufacturing operation in Morgantown under the name Kentucky Copper Inc.
The new company will create 106 new jobs.

Chandra Group has been in the field of copper and copper cable business for more than 40 years, and specializes in transposed cable and railway cables for traction. The company has more than 500 employees in India and facilities spread over India, Europe, Africa and China.

Kentucky Copper will be located in a 163,000-s.f. facility that will house warehousing, manufacturing and offices, as well as a technology center. The company will manufacture products to be used in power transformers, energy transmission and distribution applications, and high-speed trains. Three product lines will be phased in and will produce magnet wires, profile and trolley wires and continuously transposed conductors.