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Help write The Lane Report 2020 Economic Forecast

How will the Kentucky economy perform in 2020? As a Lane Report magazine, LaneReport.com or Faster Lane email blast reader, the answer is something you are very interested in, care about and likely have an educated opinion on.

The Lane Report is in the process – earlier than usual this year – of soliciting contributions to our annual Economic Forecast. We email scores of Kentucky business, public policy and economic development leaders and “assign” (voluntarily, of course) them to come up with a synopsis of their expectations for the economy in the coming year.

Our solicitations are taking place a month early this year because The Lane Report will publish a double issue for December-January early next month.

Look in your INBOX for an email from Executive Editor Mark Green with the subject line “Help write The Lane Report 2020 Economic Outlook.” Please take a few moments to share your views if you get it.

The collective presentation of responses from Kentuckians is a valuable tool for assessing what next year will bring. The more voices and perspectives (i.e., responses) we get, the better the Forecast is.

Didn’t receive an email but want to contribute to the Forecast? We are interested in your thoughts – because The Lane Report is where our readers make the news!


Please give us a 90- to 120-word synopsis of your economic expectations for 2020, either generally for the state or for your business sector. Comments may be broad or specific – it’s a plus to mention the issues or trends upon which you base your outlook.

We might edit responses for length and presentation in our Associated Press-base style – without changing your message, of course. Please include a high-resolution color headshot photo, unless you know we have one.


We are about to enter the holiday season, so deadlines can be flexible. We would like to get your response by noon Friday, November 22 – but can give you more time; just ask. We hope you can take a moment to share your perspective with the rest of Kentucky’s business community.


Send your Economic Forecast to: [email protected] – please include the subject line “2020 Forecast.”