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Biologic Accelerator to House Biotech Start-up Companies

By wmadministrator

Gov. Steve Beshear, center, joined bioLOGIC co-founders Ray Takigiku (left) and Nigel Ferrey at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the company’s new offices in Covington.

A new facility has opened in Covington that will provide office and laboratory space for start-up biotechnology companies developing anti-cancer drugs, genetic tests and medical instruments.

The building will also serve as the new United States headquarters for bioLOGIC Corp., a global life science accelerator company that is one of the owners of the new facility. Founded in 2006, bioLOGIC provides management, technical, regulatory and investment services to companies that are commercializing life science ideas and technologies, and has already been instrumental in bringing several biotech companies to Kentucky. The company has affiliates in Shanghai, China; Ft. Collins, Colo.; and Melbourne, Australia.

Other resident companies in the bioLOGIC building include Bexion Pharmaceuticals, which is developing anti-cancer drugs; NeoCytex Biopharma, which is researching drugs for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease; PureWater, whose technology can help provide affordable clean water for households in developing countries; PrimeDP, a drug development company; BotanoVation, a company developing over-the-counter natural health products, and PHD Diagnostics, which is launching a new genetic test that can identify those who are at the greatest risk of developing lung cancer. PHD’s subsidiary, Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, will be the only lab in the nation processing these tests in which technicians extract DNA from cells and scientists then analyze specific sets of genetic markers to determine that individual’s likelihood of developing lung cancer.