Lexington Clinic announces officers for 2020 board of directors

LEXINGTON, Ky. — At Lexington Clinic’s annual Board of Directors meeting four officers were elected to serve for the year:

  • President – Stephen C. Umansky, M.D.
  • Vice President – Michael T. Cecil, M.D.
  • Secretary – Kimberly A. Hudson, M.D.
  • Treasurer – Robert A Davenport, M.D.

Other members of the board include Haider Abbas, M.D., An-Yu Chen, M.D., Kyle Childers, M.D., Shailendra Chopra, M.D., Jamil Farooqui, M.D., Robby Hutchinson, M.D., Mr. Nick Rowe and Mr. Alan Stein.

“Lexington Clinic is committed to perfecting the patient experience.  By using modern data analytics, best practice protocols, experience and compassion, we aim to provide the highest quality care to the people of Central Kentucky,” said Dr. Umansky, board president.

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